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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Hello everyone I'm here again 

Well today I've been sorting out my beads ready to bring some more stuff back on Friday and maybe going to a few car boots which I find so many crafty bargains 

Life goes on

Hi everyone 
It's been a hell of ride and still going on!!
My oldest son keep getting hurt at his school as you may know he has Asd
So I may be taking him out of there pretty soon
And my dad been in hospital so been looking after he's dog been getting more exercise and less sleep also 
Ryan my middle son has a mayor bad cough I think he maybe allergic to my dogs dog??
School we be out soon next Friday for 2 weeks off!!

My self 
I've been going dizzy  
Belly ack  
Pain in my hands

This all me moaning I'm sorry
But my life is really stressful and I have know one else to talk too,,,
I have a great craft room which I'm soooo happy about thanks to my bloke Jon
My driving lessen had to cut them back abit as its quite expensive 
2 hour lessen is £48.00
So I have 1 every fortnight normally on Friday 10.30 -12.30
But this week it's Thursday 
I'm off to Halesowen this Friday to pick up some jewellery stuff  up I brought off a BFF mouths ago and a photo she also did 
Hope you all ok?? What's been going with you????