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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Place to go for the bargin

As you all may know I'm the craftycrafter and I love a bargain I troll throw the bargains boxes and go to carboot I love a good charity shop if your like me don't like paying to much for my craft but live for the hunt if a good bargain so here's a list of we're the bargains are from names of charity shops to websites here you go this is the biggest secret I'm telling ,,,,,

1)the range have some great crafting Iteams but check out the kids arts part also
2)Dudley used -website type in crafting
3)preloved /it's other website
4)charity shops names) RSPCA
5)cancer research
6)w h smiths -have a few crafting Iteams
My favourite is traygo mills that's in Devon thou
These ideas are mostly for beads use old jewellery to make new jewellery,

Recycle old cards to make new one

Maintain ash have a great sale on to

The picture below us chain you can buy from a local hardware store
I used old beads from a neckless I brought and added charms there you a statement bracelet which I sold for a £5.00